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Starflam® X-Protect

Next-generation fire protection and heat-resistant polyamides

Starflam X-Protect is a flame-retardant polyamide technology that advances both safety and performance. Parts made with X-Protect offer extreme temperature resistance well beyond typical FR materials. In testing, X-Protect withstood direct flame exposure at 1100C for 15 minutes.

X-Protect extends the melting point of PA66

X-Protect parts maintain their integrity during thermal runaway and electrical arcs; making them ideal for electric vehicles, industrial power management, metal-welding applications and lead-free soldering processes. X-Protect is bright colorable and can be molded using the same equipment under similar process conditions as standard polyamides.

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Mechanical integrity at temperatures >350C, far beyond the melting point of standard PA66 resin

Replaces high-heat thermoplastics and thermoset applications

Improved abrasion resistance

Improved ultrasonic weld line strength

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